Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I know it's been a long time since I've done this, so this is a really long post. The reason I even still try to post sometimes is I don't know if I'll ever get these pictures scrapbooked so at least my kids will always have this blog if they want to look at pictures! We went to the light parade and to see santa again this year. The light parade had about 5 floats in it so I don't think that will happen again, but I'm sure we'll still go see santa! Addi was so nervous. She says for Christmas she wants a four wheeler (which she is not getting!), Jet wants anything Lightning Mcqueen and Elli, well she's still gets whatever I want her to get!

I don't know why I even try at this age!
Elli usually goes to bed really easily but this night she had a late nap so she stayed up with us. Apparently she was more ready for bed then we thought!

We had our annual Johnson Halloween party again this year! There wasn't quite as many people as usual, but we still had fun!

Mom will die! :)
Jake was Harry Potter, I was a hula girl, Addi was a witch, Jet was Buzz, and Elli was Nemo!
The best thing we do at this party is eat! We usually eat the same stuff, but we always add in a few extras! Mom is the best at preparing food for people!
I don't know what it is with my kids and kitchen utensils! Jet and Ells can have sword fights with the best of them!
This is all healed up now, but for awhile Ells looked pretty scary! Mom and I had been up north and we were packing groceries in when Elli decided to climb back in the truck, and then jump out by herself. I wasn't watching so I think that's what happened but she cut her eye up. We took her to the ER but the doctor said she was fine, and just sent us away with the bill.

We of course always have ball games!

I found Jet like this! He must have been pretty tired!
Addi did mini cheer this year and loved it!

Addi is in Kindergarten this year and her teacher is Mrs. Day. She absolutely loves school. I never have to fight her to go! I just wish it would always stay like this!
This is Addi and Blake and their first day of Kindergarten! Addi thinks Blake is just the best thing ever!

We only went camping once this summer, but it was really fun! Chad and Whitney met us out there for dinner! The kids love camping! I really wish we did it more!

We had this little couch since Addi was 2 I finally threw it away the other day, but the kids really loved it!
Nothing better then sleeping on the floor! Addi loves Fridays when she can sleep on the floor!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I wish I had a good picture of how cute these guys looked in their Easter clothes. They looked so adorable!

Jake was getting ready for church so he didn't get to get in the picture with us!

Addi's crazy hair on Easter morning. This is her typical hair style in the mornings. She has the funniest hair.

Elli looking through her Easter basket.

Jet is Obsessed with McQueen! It's actually pretty ridiculous, but it makes any kind of present we have to get him pretty easy!

This was suppose to be turned! She looked so cute with her rabbit face on.

They were supp to wear these during the hunt but we forgot!

There's nothing better then Grandma's Easter Egg Hunt. The kids love it. Jet didn't really know what he was looking for, and Elli only got two eggs, but Addi was pretty good!

Painting Easter Eggs!

This is the last Easter that we will be spending sleeping in my parents basement! I can't wait to be in Delta, but in my own house! I'm grateful that my parents always make the holidays so fun for us, and that they're ok with us being at their house ALL the time!

Birthday and Random Stuff

Addi turned 5! I still can't believe it! This year for her birthday she wanted to stay in a hotel, go swimming, and go to the Fun Center. Let me tell you the Fun Center is awesome! We had a great time and I'm grateful to my sisters and mom who drove up just for Addi!

Jace and Janae had the prom this year. I always hoped they would go together, but it didn't happen! :) Janae was so sweet to let Addi and the girls come over and help her get ready. It's weird to think that when it was my Prom they came over when I was going. Geez time really flies!

Jace was unbelievably good looking at the prom! :) He was definitely the hottest!

Aren't these two the cutest homeless kids you've ever seen!

Elli is just like Addi, always making messes!